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  • Herbs

    Australian Organic Nettle & Red Raspberry Leaf Tea


    Nettle and Red raspberry Leaf are natures long standing women’s health supports. Increase your iron, tone your uterus and support your cycle health.

  • Bundles



    For your journey to connect with your yoni and womb, clear stagnant energy and support your reproductive health.

  • Oils

    Castor Oil Pack



    Castor oil packs are the perfect support for healing after a caesarean section (wait until 12 weeks after birth), endometriosis and laparoscopy surgery, ovarian cysts, fibroids and heavy, painful periods.
    Our infused castor oil packs have the added healing properties of yarrow, comfrey and plantain.

  • Balms

    Clearing Balm 240ml

  • Oils

    Clearing Oil


    This magical blend can be used for Overall womb connecting, womb massage, to support reproductive health and ease menstrual pain, or as part of your conscious conception practice.

  • Herbs

    Postpartum Steam



    To support your postpartum healing, yoni steaming helps to clear lochia from the uterus, avoid organ prolapse, tone tissues, avoid infection and heal tissue damage.

  • Bundles

    Pregnancy & Postpartum


    The ultimate collection for your pregnancy support and postpartum healing needs.

  • Oils

    Release Oil 50ml


    This buttery delicious limited addition Rue infused macadamia oil was alchemised during our time in sacred Lake Atitlan Guatemala.
    Rue is a powerful energy clearing plant and has long been used to support women to release a pregnancy.

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