Womb Healing


A complete womb ally for your healing journey if you experience endometriosis, ovarian cysts, caesarean healing, painful periods or for general womb health.

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Fully nourish your womb with plants, steams and oils. A wholistic approach to your womb healing needs.

~Clear negative energy and warm your womb with powerful Mayan midwife copal oil, perfect for connecting with your womb through self massage.

~Yoni steaming is an ancient womb healing modality. Our chosen plants assist in moving blood stagnation, bacterial imbalances, softens scar tissue and reducing inflammation.

~Our infused castor oil packs are powerful supporting modalities to reducing pain, inflammation and ovarian cysts, soften scar tissue and support reproductive health issues.

~Tone your uterus and increase your iron and nutrients, supporting you through your menstrual cycle.

Clearing oil
Yoni Steam
Castor oil pack
Organic Nettle & Red raspberry leaf tea

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