For your journey to connect with your yoni and womb, clear stagnant energy and support your reproductive health.

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Availability: In stock


The ultimate collaboration of plants and oils to support and nourish your womb and yoni.
For anyone looking to support reproductive health, pre-conception and womb connecting and womb healing journey.

~Clearing oil is a power Mayan midwife magic ally to clearing negative energy and emotion from your womb space. The warming blend of oils applied through self womb massage help to ease pain, form intimate connection and support your reproductive health.

~Yoni steaming is a traditional practice shared by women across the world. Best done in the days leading up and after your bleed. It supports stagnate and clotted menstrual bleeds, inflammation and infection in your yoni.

~Nettle & Red raspberry leaf provide important iron and nutrients and tone the uterus, supporting your menstrual bleed.

Clearing oil 50ml
Yoni steam
Nettle & Red Raspberry Leaf tea

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