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Our Story

Womb Alchemist Apothecary is a dream manifested. It is the years of wisdom of global travelling midwife Sarah. Having worked as a midwife in varying settings across the world and connecting with traditional midwives along the way. Reconnecting with ancient women’s wisdom and sharing it with the women she supports from pre-conception to postpartum and those who struggle with reproductive health challenges and held trauma.

Our hearts break witnessing women struggling in their postpartum healing, with on-going issues which can be avoided with appropriate care and support.

We were tired of the current narrative that there is no remedy for women struggling with reproductive health challenges such as endometriosis and ovarian cysts, so we connected back to where the true wisdom lay. With Mother Nature, Madre Terra, Pacha Mama, with the plants and with women.

Our Products

The formulas we bring to you come from wisdom gained from working around the world, Australia, India and Guatemala to name a significant few.
Our roots are deep in seeing midwives as essential pillars in the health of communities, as they are in traditional cultures. Wise Women who not only walk women through pregnancy and birth, but also hold wisdom of plants and wholistic reproductive healing practices.

Our products are infused with the deepest love and healing intentions. We believe that the energy that the products are created in is where the healing properties comes from.
We are a small batch business and each product is hand made and labeled.

Our Message

We strive for the plants we use in our products to be organic and free of pesticides. Where possible we source locally. Some of our products contain elements sustainably wild harvested or ethically sourced from traditional artisans. We work closely sourcing sacred copal, cardamom and cacao from a family of Mayan midwives from the Sacred Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. We are passionate about directly supporting the preservation of traditional midwifery practices and knowledge.

The packaging we use to protect your parcel is reused or recycled wherever possible. As our little business grows we intend for our carbon footprint to reduce. We are passionate about supporting the environment which supports us.

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